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World's #1 BitcoinPre-Accelerator

Build an Investment-Ready Startup in Record Time.

Applications to join our next cohort are now open for a limited time.

We will help you become the
you are meant to be!


If you're unfamiliar with us, we are the leading Pre-accelerator in the Web3 Bitcoin domain. With a proven track record of transforming entrepreneurs into founders of industry-leading companies, our program is tailored for individuals eager to push their limits, acquire essential skills, and build their pre-seed investment-ready startups.


For those with resilience, intellect, and drive, we encourage you to apply.

Ecosystem Collaborators

Transform your idea into a pre-seed investment-ready startup in under 4 months.

Securing investments through our program: Our program connects you with a powerful network of over 100 leading investors and accelerators in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Co-Founder Matching: With 75% of our teams finding a co-founder through our program, we facilitate practical startup challenges to help you test compatibility and collaboration.

Unparalleled Network Effect in Bitcoin: Our platform grants you entry into an elite circle of Bitcoin's most accomplished creators, technology providers, partners, mentors, investors, and influential figures. Our network gives you unfair advantages giving you the competitive edge to build a pre-seed investment-ready startup in record time.

Web3 Bitcoin Mentorship & Innovation

Our startup program and network opens doors and opportunities that you didn't know existed.


Mentorship: You're the sum of the people around you. Our mentors are founders & investors themselves, so they empathize with you and provide relevant methods, skills, and tools that are essential to building your pre-seed investment-ready startup.


Innovation: Our goal is to create the most innovative space to inspire your entrepreneurial mind to create the best Web3 Bitcoin products. Our mentors come from different backgrounds including but limited to building with Ordinals, BRC-20s, Runes, Meta protocols, ZK-rollups on Bitcoin, DLCs, Taproot, Sidechains, L1 taproot, AI & DeAI, Metaverse, and other UTXO technologies.

Past Mentors Include:

Join our roster of

Incredible Companies

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Here's What Our Program and Community Does For You

Here’s why our scientific startup program and high powered community works to enable our students to build a pre-seed investment-ready startup in record time, under 4 months.


We have a proven track record:

  1. Highest Quality: Investors, thought leaders, industry leading founders, and previous graduates who built their startups and raised pre-seed capital and / or get into an accelerator.

  2. Higher Funding Rate: So far 100% of our graduates who went to an accelerator has raised capital.

  3. Raise Fast: Teams have been able to raise millions in under 4 months from the start of our program and many more teams have been able to raise in 2 months of graduating our program. 

  4. Become Aware of What You Don’t Know: Learn what you were doing wrong and right, then get tools and methods to level up and form effective habits to build pre-seed investment ready startups.

  5. Accountability & Results: Every week you learn and apply a new method to build one essential piece of your startup until 12 weeks later you have pre-seed investment ready startups.

  6. Bitcoin Innovation Series: Weekly speaker clusters and focused tasks, based on Bitcoin innovation topics and tied to our science of building a pre-seed investment-ready startup, enable you to learn and advance quickly.

  7. Co-founder Matching: Collaborate with other founders to test drive potential matches and find the co-founder that's right for your startup.

  8. Workshops: Weekly workshops to solve your challenges and level up your skills and your startup.

  9. One-on-Ones: Receive one-on-one coaching from founders who have successfully raised pre-seed capital and built innovative companies.

  10. Achieve What Seems Impossible in a Short Amount of Time: You simply can’t achieve all of the above working with your own team.

Program Fees

If you are a champion founder in the making, then the Bitcoin Startup Lab has the unique approach to empower you to overdeliver at a fraction of the costs. We cover the entire program fee of over $100,000, allowing you to focus on building your Web3 Bitcoin startup. Instead, we believe in the model where we win, only if you win: In exchange for our services, we believe in an equity-for-services model, where our success depends completely on your success. We're invested in your journey and will only benefit if you do too, creating a win-win situation for all involved.

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Bitcoin Startup Lab is the #1 early-stage Bitcoin startup pre-accelerator providing founders and entrepreneurs the tools and support they need to build an investment-ready startup in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

2024 by Bitcoin Startup Lab





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